What is Wine-Searcher?

CultX is fuelled by the world's most comprehensive source of wine pricing data from Wine-Searcher.

Wine-Searcher aggregates approximately 13.5 million wine, beer and spirit listings from around 24,500 active stores and businesses, across at least 130 countries. The full data set for all products involves billions of data points. The website and its associated apps attract 5 to 8 million active users each month, and 240 million user product searches globally each year.  

Everyday Wine-Searcher collects and aggregates online product lists from a global range of wine & spirits retailers, producers and auction houses.  Manual and automated operations run daily to ensure accurate content, removing incorrect or out-of-date lists and correctly matching products.  
- 24.5k active merchants
- 13.5m listings
- 5m+ unique users pcm
- 240m searches